Featured Publications

  • U. Sezer, L. Wörner, J. Horak, L. Felix, J. Tüxen, C. Götz, A. Vaziri, M. Mayor and M. Arndt,
    Laser-Induced Acoustic Desorption of Natural and Functionalized
    Anal. Chem. 87, 5614 (2015)
    Featured in Advances in Engineering February 2016
  • Stefan Kuhn, Peter Asenbaum, Alon Kosloff, Michele Sclafani, Benjamin, A. Stickler, Stefan Nimmrichter, Klaus Hornberger, Ori Cheshnovsky, Fernando Patolsky, Markus Arndt
    Cavity-assisted manipulation of freely rotating silicon nanorods in high vacuum
    Nano Letters  15, 5604–5608 (2015)
  • J. P. Cotter, S. Eibenberger, L. Mairhofer, X. Cheng,P. Asenbaum,  M. Arndt,
    K. Walter, S. Nimmrichter& K. Hornberger
    Coherence in the presence of absorption and heating in a molecule interferometer
    Nature Communications 6, 7336 (2015)
  • Philipp Haslinger, Nadine Dörre, Philipp Geyer, Jonas Rodewald, Stefan Nimmrichter & Markus Arndt
    A universal matter-wave interferometer with optical ionization gratings in the time domain

    Nature Physics 9, 144–148 (2013),
    News & Views
    in Nature Physics 
  • S. Gerlich, S. Eibenberger, M. Tomandl, S. Nimmrichter, K. Hornberger, P. J. Fagan, J. Tüxen, M. Mayor, and M. Arndt
    Quantum interference of large organic molecules

    Nature Communications 2 : 263 doi: 10.1038/ncomms1263 (2011)
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    , Nature Asia
    Discover Magazine: TOP100 Physics and Math News of 2011
  • T. Juffmann, S. Truppe, P. Geyer, S. Deachapunya, H. Ulbricht and M. Arndt
    Wave and Particle in Molecular Interference Lithography

    Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 263601 (2009)
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    APS: Virt. J. Nano. Science 11/2010 & Virt. J. Atomic Quantum Fluids 2/2010