Proposed master theses ... (status August 2014)

If you are a well-trained and highly motivated young physicist you are invited to apply for one of the following master theses. Be prepared for challenging and rewarding work in a highly motivated team involved in a set of world-wide unique experiments.


1. High-mass interferometry (OTIMA)

2. Biomolecular spectroscopy (KDTLI)

3. Cold particle sources for proteins and RNA

4. Cavity cooling of silicon nanoparticles

5. Exploration of novel beam splitters for biomolecules

6. Lehramts Diplomarbeit: Lehrmaterialien Quanteninterferenz

Pdf Lehramts Diplomarbeit: "Unterrichtsmaterialien Quanteninterferenz"
LA Diplom Quanteninterferenz (181 KB)

Proposed PhD theses

If you are interested in a PhD with us, please contact Markus Arndt directly.

Please consider the doctoral program on complex quantum systems CoQuS