Online simulations of molecular diffraction and interference

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  • QNP Research in Austrian Television ORF TV
    Menschen und Mächte: Geistesblitze,
    11. 3. 2015 on ORF 2. &  25.5. 2015 on ORF 3:
  • QNP Research in Austrian Television SERVUS TV
    Die Kathedrale des Wissens - 650 Jahre Uni Wien,
    05.03.2015 | 21:15 ,    06.03.2015 | 10:20 h & 1:15 h

  • QNP Research in an interview with UNI:VIEW Magazin & Video

Tutorial animations of our research

This video explains the Physics of quantum physics in the Kapitza-Dirac-Talbot-Lau interferometer with small biomolecules, here in particular beta-carotene, and interference-assisted deflectometry on tailor-made structural isomers. Video link...

Movies and Clips on Quantum Interference

Here you can see real data from the lab... showing quantum diffraction of complex organic molecules, with position measurements on single molecules well beyond Abbé's diffraction limit.

Easy Reading

This section contains a list of reference to popular science journals that contain articles referring to our work on quantum optics with macromolecules.

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Outreach Events

We participate in a wide range of events where the motivation, methods and results of our research are communicated to a broad audience.

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