Quantum interferometry with clusters and molecules

We have been developping various new concepts and experimental demonstrations to push matter wave interferometry towards higher mass, larger size, higher internal complexity and higher temperature... i.e. closer to "classicality".

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Quantum assisted molecule metrology

The high sensitivity of quantum interference patterns to external perturbations can be exploited to measure weak external forces or internal molecular properties with high sensitivity. Quantum assisted molecule metrology has access to electronic and magnetic as well as structural, thermodynamic, optical and even dynamical properties of delocalized clusters and molecules. More information

Cavity cooling of nanoparticles

A key challenge for future quantum delocalization and interference experiments with massive objects is to provide a coherent, i.e. cold and localized particle source.

We are therefore exploring the off-resonant laser cooling of dielectric nanoparticles.

We have seen the first cooling of 10^10 amu silicon particles by a factor of  up to 30 in the transverse kinetic energy. More on cavity experiments

Molecular beam and detection methods

Interferometry with clusters and molecules necessitates new methods to generate cold, dense, slow and mass selected neutral particle beams as well as techniques to detect them with high sensitivity and specificity. More information

Simulated Interactive Research Experiments

In an interdisciplinary research we are developing Simulated Interactive Research Experiments (SIRE) as a new web-tool to communicate modern science to students and the public. SIRE are highly complex interactive simulations of real existing research experiments with authentic photorealistic visualizations and realistic interaction. They open a wide space for curiosity driven learning and allow interacting with phenomena that are usually only observed by scientists.