Frontiers of Matter Wave Optics, FOMO2014

The annual matter wave conference, this time in a resort in Crete

Workshops and Conferences (co)organized by QNP


12-17 May 2013, 

W&E Heraeus School: Exploring the quantum superposition principle


DPG Zentrum Bad Honnef

Funded by the Wilhelm & Else Heraeus Foundation

Org.: Markus Arndt (Univ. Vienna) & Klaus Hornberger (Univ. Duisburg-Essen)


27 Oct. 2011: Forschung in 20 Jahren:

Im Open Space Workshop der Jungen Kurie der ÖAW diskutieren wir die Zukunft:

Woran werden wir forschen?
Welche Weichen müssen wir heute stellen?
Wie können wir Forschungsinhalte vermitteln?

Org. Thomas Prohaska, Wilfried Ellmeier and Markus Arndt


21-25 Oct. 2011: DPG-Kurs Quantenphysik, Bad Honnef

DPG Bad Honnef

Fortbildung in moderener Quantenphysik

Zielgruppe: Physiklehrer/innen

Ort:  DPG Physikzentrum

Org: Rainer Müller (TU Braunschweig) & Markus Arndt (Universität Wien)


11-13 May 2011, ESF meeting on Casimir forces, Vienna

Effects of clusters, molecules and atoms close to and on surfaces

• Casimir forces between cluster-functionalized plates and between clusters on plates
• Particle-wall interactions in matter-wave diffraction: from nanodielectrics to graphene
• Cold atoms in front of surfaces

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6 May 2011, Fundamental Frontiers of Quantum Science and Technology, Budapest

The workshop focuses on modern advances in he foundations of quantum physics and a selection of routes towards new quantum technologies. It explores he current frontiers in basic research with complex quantum systems, covering photonic, atomic, molecular and micromechanical systems as well as challenges for quantum theory.