Summer Internships

We accept a limited number of international and local summer interns, every year and for a period of 2-3 months. Students are expected to have completed at least their 4th semester in physics at the time of the beginning of their internship.

  • UNIVIE students can get this internship accredited as Forschungspraktikum (>250 h).
  • International students often get credits at their home university.
  • European students may want to check if they can get support in the Erasmus programme.
  • Financial support for all interns follow the rules of the Vienna Doctoral School in physics.  

All applicants should send their CV, study records and a brief motivation letter directly to

Summer Interns 2024:

Jessica Kitchen

June - July 2024
Project: BIOTIMA

Taylor Womack

July - October 2024
Project: NanoBioCool

Florian Zivic

July - August 2024

Summer Interns 2023:


Ernest Dokudowiec

July - August 2023
Project: BIOTIMA

Bradley May

June - August 2023
Project: SuperMaMa

Giovanbattista Favorito

July - August 2023

Théo Pelletier

July - August 2023
Project: SuperMaMa

Summer Interns 2022:


Pierre Manchet

March - August 2022
Project: SuperMaMa

Neelesh Kumar Vij

May - July 2022
Project: Cavity cooling

Bruno Eduardo Ramirez Galindo

July - September 2022

Alice Judt

August - September 2022

Hannah Kleis

April - June 2022

Fanette Desquines

July 2022
Project: Nanoparticle launch, trapping and cooling

Martina Smacchia

August - September 2022
Project: SuperMaMa

Summer Interns 2021:


Anna Reinhold

July 2021
Project: Cavity Cooling

Dominique P. Wanningen

July - August 2021
Project: Nanoparticle beam methods

Severin Sindelar

August - September 2021
Project: Multiscale Cluster Interferometry

Martin Gabbert

July 2021
Project: Molecular Far-Field diffraction

Amber Visser

August 2021
Project: Cavity Cooling

Simon Benke

August - September 2021
Project: Ion slowing and cooling Simulations




Summer Interns 2020:


Tomas Sousa

August 2020
Project: SuperMaMa

Martin Mauser

July - August 2020
Project: SuperMaMa

Richard Ferstl

August - September 2020
Project: Multiscale Cluster Interference Experiment