The "Flight Simulator" for Molecular Quantum Optics

Click on the image to start an interactive simulation of our diffraction experiments.
They are photorealistic representations of a scientifically correct model of matter-wave interference with complex molecules.

Original version:

  • Mathias Tomandl

  • Thomas Mieling

  • Christiane M. Losert-Valiente Kroon

  • Martin Hopf

  • Markus Arndt

More information:

  • Published in
    Simulated Interactive Research Experiments as Educational Tools for Advanced Science

    Scientific Reports
    5, 14108 (2015).
  • Video Introduction to the SImulated Research Experiments (SIRE).

Portuguese version:

Portuguese version, thanks to our colleagues from the Universidade de São Paulo (2020)

  • Herbert Alexandre João

  • Bruno Andrade Ono

  • Carolina Sayuri Takeda

  • Ítalo Augusto Cavini

  • Vitor Marquioni Monteiro