Simulated Interactive Research Experiments:  Molecule Diffraction & Interferometry

These photorealistic representations with scientifically correct models were programmed using Action Script and require Flash Player. While support for Flash Player has been discontinued by all Web Browsers you can still use the fully functional model as follows:

1. Download flash player:
2. Open flash player/Tap "File"/Tap "Open"/enter the URL:

Disclaimer: While it appears that all programmed elements are working properly, and we are not aware of any problems caused by our code in the past, the use of Flash is at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for any lack of functionality or damage caused by since Flash is no longer formally supported and we have no means of verifying its security status.

We are searching for a competent person to convert our Action Script Code into HTML5 to have it supported by all browsers and scalable and extendable to new experiments. If you feel able to do so, please leave us a note: 

Original version:

  • Mathias Tomandl

  • Thomas Mieling

  • Christiane M. Losert-Valiente Kroon

  • Martin Hopf

  • Markus Arndt

More information:

  • Published in
    Simulated Interactive Research Experiments as Educational Tools for Advanced Science

    Scientific Reports
    5, 14108 (2015).
  • Video Introduction to the SImulated Research Experiments (SIRE).

Portuguese version:

Portuguese version, thanks to our colleagues from the Universidade de São Paulo (2020)

  • Herbert Alexandre João

  • Bruno Andrade Ono

  • Carolina Sayuri Takeda

  • Ítalo Augusto Cavini

  • Vitor Marquioni Monteiro