Matter-wave-assisted measurements
on vitamins in the gas phase

This animation illustrates the experimental setup used for the publication "Quantum-Assisted Metrology of Neutral Vitamins
in the Gas Phase
" (Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 56, 2017).

Molecular Diffraction

This video shows the Quantum diffraction of Molecules
at a Nanomechanical Grating.

Quantum Interactive

A demonstration for activities in the virtual quantum laboratory: study the wave particle duality of large molecules in a fully equipped research laboratory.

Quantum diffraction of single molecules through a marine alga - "Fast Forward Science 2013"

The video illustrates the coherent propagation of the molecule PcH2 through a biological grown nanostructure, the skeleton of the alga Amphipleura pellucida. The wave-matter duality is one of the most intriguing aspects of quantum mechanics, as it questions our perception of reality and space-time.

Cavity cooling of silicon nanoparticles

The animation of recorded data shows a nano-particle traveling through the light field of an optical resonator. The refractive index of the particle modulates the light intensity of the standing wave. This time dependent optical potential leads to a reduction of the particle's horizontal velocity while passing through.


Single molecules in a
quantum interference

This movie shows the build-up of a quantum matter-wave interference pattern from single phthalocyanine molecules
(click here for the related publication).