We are fascinated by and working on ...

  • Universal matter-wave interferometry & the foundations of physics
    • Towards metal cluster interferometry:
      a new material class in quantum physics to probe the interface to the classical world.  
    • From Polypeptide towards Protein interferometry:
      a new material class to study complexity & dynamics of biomolecules in quantum physics.   
  • Cooling and quantum optomechanics 
    • Optical cooling of non-spherical nanoparticles to explore their rotational quantum states.
    • Trapping & cooling of nanobiological matter to harvest their internal complexity. 
  • Enabling technologies for quantum experiments
    • Sources of metal clusters, dielectric and biological nanomaterials: for matter-wave interferometry.
    • Single-photon charge control and coherent beam splitting of proteins & metal clusters. 
    • Interfeormeter concepts for complex nanomatter.
  • Quantum sensors
    • Matter-wave deflectometers with high better than yocto-Newton force sensitivity:
      ... to measure electro-magnetic, optical & dynamical properties of molecules of interst to biology and chemistry.
    • Trapped nanorotors: 
      ... to realize highly sensitive torque & rotations sensors on the micron scale.  
    • Superconducting nanowire detectors:
      ... for mass spectrometry and molecule analysis, harvesting the sensitivity of quantum phase transitions.

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Ultracold AlF molecules - a new platform for fundamental physics


1st Prize: Sebastian Pedalino, Bruno Ramirez and Josef Reisinger: "Hang in There".


9th Prize: Stephan Troyer, Philipp Rieser: "Printing UNIVIE"


Congratulations to Lorenz Hummer on being selected for the Dean's list 2023.


Congratulations to Richard Ferstl on completing his Master thesis with distinction!


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