Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation

Exploring the Limits of Universal Quantum Interferometry (ELUQUINT)

ELUQUINT will boost research and technologies in universal high mass interferometry with metals and dielectrics. It will explore new avenues for quantum optics with slow proteins as well as new universal particle sources.

Duration: 12/2021-11/2026

Project Number: 10771 

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Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Cooling and control of isolated nanobiological matter (NanoBioCool)

The project focuses on the preparation, isolation, detection, and cooling of 
mesoscopic building blocks of life. 

Duration: 07/2023-06/2026

Award Number: N62909-23-1-2029

quantA - Core Project

Ion Trapped Technologies for Mesoscopic Quantum States (iMeQ)

We will develop trap technologies for emergent optical cooling experiments in a mass range that has been inaccessible so far. This is a collaborative effort with the groups of Prof. Tracy Northup and Prof. Roland Wester both at the University of Innsbruck.

Duration: 05/2024-09/2026

Project Number: 


Hierarchical Design of Hybrid Systems 

The Doctoral College Advanced Functional Materials  is a topical college within the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP). Within that structure and the frame work of the FWF school hierarchical design of hybrid systems (HiDHyS), we develop matter-wave interferometry into a tool to measure electrical, optical and dynamical material properties of complex molecules. 

Duration: 10/2020 - 9/2024
Project number: HiDHyS