QNP: Scientific Achievements

Starting from the desire to understand the limits of quantum physics and its interface to the clasical world, we have expanded our interests to explorartions of the interface between quantum optics, chemistry and biomolecular sciences. We've been working on


Current Research in QNP is focused on

A) Exploring the Boundaries between
  • Quantum Physics & Classical Physics
  • Quantum Physics &  the Chemical / Life Sciences
  • Quantum Coherence & Quantum Decoherence  
B) Developing Advanced Technologies 
  • Beam splitter technologies for Biomolecules and Clusters
  • Advanced Interferometer Designs for Macromolecular Matter-Waves
  • Quantum-Interferometers as Sensors for Macromolecular Properties
  • Advanced Biomolecular Beam Methods: Sources & Detection Techniques 
  • Cooling and control of dielectric nanoparticles